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The Phonotone Quartet

Traditional Jazz and Sophisticated Swing

It was in the summer of 2017, when a group of dedicated musicians decided to bring back the popular music of the 1920s, 1930s and early 1940s. This music is early jazz, swing and  syncopated dance music, a genre we call the “almost forgotten music”, although it was once the most popular music played in the United States and in Western Europe.

The drivers behind this undertaking have been two individuals:

Gerhard Bauer, owner and producer of PhonotoneClassic (, an internet radio station that plays dance music and traditional Jazz from 1925-1945. He thought it would be wonderful to not only feature restored vintage music recordings, but to also perform this great music live for today’s listeners.

Kevin Hamby, an accomplished jazz / stride pianist and band leader, who took on the formidable task of putting together this  jazz combo.

The Phonotone Quartet
and their friends

From left to right:

Kevin Hamby, Piano, Jordan Price, guitar, Marcus Jensen, Clarinet

Luis Lupercio, Saxophone

Max Pease, Vocalist

Alan Ginter, String Bass

Jay Myers, Drums

In the beginning, in 2017, the jazz combo did consist of 4 musicians, but then expanded to the sophisticated group we are presenting to you now. However, we wanted to pay tribute to the founding members of the band, and still call the group the Phonotone Quartett, we just added a few friends...

FOR jazz lovers

THE music you want when you want it

played by
The Phonotone Quartet and their friends

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